Funding Priorities

An organization should address one or more of the priorities listed below, serve populations within the five-county Philadelphia metropolitan region and demonstrate success in serving the health needs of the vulnerable and underserved.

The funding priorities of the foundation are:

Improvement of access to health care by the underserved including the uninsured and underinsured

In particular, programs designed to:

  • promote integrated/cross-disciplinary models of care
  • address public health issues such as communicable and infectious diseases and interpersonal violence
  • strengthen organizations providing health care services that enhance the quality of health care

Meeting behavioral health needs

In particular, programs designed to:

  • provide mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services
  • promote the integration of behavioral health services with primary care

Promotion of the health and well-being of children and families

In particular, programs designed to:

  • support vulnerable populations, such as victims of abuse and violence, through primary care, legal services, behavioral health care, rapid response services, training and education
  • address issues of maternal and child health such as prenatal care, parenting education, childhood obesity and hunger
  • provide integrated/full access to oral health services and oral health prevention programs
  • promote proper nutrition through increased access to healthy food

Education, training and advocacy to improve health care outcomes

In particular, programs designed to:

  • train providers to identify and treat abuse, trauma, behavioral health issues and substance abuse
  • advocate for changes in policies and practices that will improve access to needed services
  • produce a larger and better-trained health care workforce to enhance quality of care

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