Past Grantees: 2011

2011 Grant Awards

In December 2011, the First Hospital Foundation awarded over $1.5 million in grants to 41 nonprofit agencies serving residents in the Philadelphia region.

Grants to the Community

A Woman’s Place – $10,000 grant for the development and implementation of the REST program (Responding Effectively and Systematically to Trauma), which is a multi-pronged approach to addressing traumatic brain injuries suffered by victims of domestic violence in Bucks County. The REST Program will provide training, promote awareness and implement policy changes to better serve victims of domestic violence that suffer from traumatic brain injuries. To learn more about A Woman’s Place, click here.

Attic Youth Center – $20,000 grant in support of its mental health counseling service expansion for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth of the Philadelphia region at its multi-service youth agency. To learn more about Attic Youth Center, click here.

Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor – $15,000 grant in continued support of its nurse-managed primary care services to uninsured, non-English speaking working poor at the Unity Clinic in South Philadelphia. To learn more about ADROP, click here.

Benefits Data Trust – $30,000 of a two-year grant in support of service expansion of the BenePhilly Enrollment Center, which assists elderly, low-income individuals access public benefits they are eligible to receive including PACE, SNAP, PTRR and LIHEAP. To learn more about Benefits Data Trust, click here.

Caring Together Program at Philadelphia Health and Education Corporation – $30,000 grant in support of the implementation of the medical home model in collaboration with Family Practice and Counseling Network. The Caring Together Program provides direct services to pregnant/parenting women with co-occurring addiction and mental health issues, and provides cross-training on substance abuse disorders to clinicians at the Family Practice and Counseling Network clinics. To learn more about the Caring Together Program, click here.

Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE) – $25,000 grant in support of the CARIE LINE, a free, intensive, one-on-one telephone consultation to older adults. The CARIE LINE provides counseling, victim services, outreach and education related to health, health care, crime and violence, emergency home repairs, and referrals for health, legal and social services and victim advocacy. To learn more about CARIE, click here.

The Center for Autism – $25,000 grant in continued support of its Social Competency Program to address core social challenges of children and teens between the ages of 6 and 15 with autism spectrum disorder. The Social Competency Program assists individuals to better cope with an overwhelming social and sensory environment, to identify and interpret social cues and to take another person’s perspective, enabling them to succeed in the classroom and sustain meaningful relationships. To learn more about The Center for Autism, click here.

Center for Hunger-Free Communities at Drexel University – $14,130 of a two-year grant in support of its education and advocacy efforts to expand access to the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) by subsidy-approved, license-exempt childcare providers in Pennsylvania. The CACFP is a U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrition program geared toward providing the base for early childhood nutrition and health through free meals and snacks and technical assistance to childcare facilities. To learn more about the Center for Hunger-Free Communities, click here.

Center in the Park – $20,000 grant in continued support of its In Touch health promotion services to individuals 55 years of age and older in the Philadelphia community. Programs including Harvest Health Chronic Disease Self-Management, Diabetes Self-Management Training and In Touch: Mind, Body, Spirit-Supporting the Health of African-American Elders. To learn more about Center in the Park, click here.

Chester County Food Bank - $30,000 grant in support of the Children’s Food Backpack Program in which teachers and volunteers discretely pack backpacks with nutritious, lightweight food for school-age children and their families at risk for having inadequate nutrition on the weekends. Enough food is provided to benefit the family, especially younger children not in school. To learn more about the Chester County Food Bank, click here.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – $35,000 grant in continued support of the Homeless Health Initiative, which provides medical and dental services to children and their families in area shelters and assists families in accessing important health care services including health insurance, primary care and specialty care. To learn more about the Homeless Health Initiative, click here.

Community Volunteers in Medicine – $40,000 of a two-year grant in support of a new part-time diabetes case manager to assist patients with diabetes management through diabetes counseling and education, patient care plans, coordination of medical and dental care, and medication management. To learn more about Community Volunteers in Medicine, click here.

Crozer-Chester Medical Center – $35,000 of a three-year grant in continued support of Crozer Wellness Center’s Chester Youth Council, which works to improve the health of participating youth through increasing their commitment to education, connection to community and pro-social peers and adults, increasing workforce skills, and opportunities for leadership development. To learn more about Crozer-Chester Wellness Center and the Youth Council, click here.

Daemion Counseling Centre – $5,000 grant in support of its family and student scholarship fund for teens without mental health insurance coverage. The Center provides individuals with short- and long-term therapy, parenting classes, group workshops and education sessions on important community issues including drug and alcohol abuse, coping with divorce and violence prevention. To learn more about Daemion Counseling Centre, click here.

Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre – $5,000 grant in continued support of its comprehensive education and outreach program for health care providers in Delaware County hospitals and health care facilities with deaf and hard-of-hearing health care consumers. To learn more about the Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre, click here.

Esperanza Health Center – $10,000 for the second year of a two-year grant in support of the pediatric behavioral health consultation services at the center. The center provides primary and dental health care services to residents of North Philadelphia. To learn more about Esperanza Health Center, click here.

Fair Food – $20,721 for the second year of a two-year grant in support of the Double Dollars Program at the Fair Food stand in the Reading Terminal market and other sites in Philadelphia neighborhoods considered “healthy food deserts”. To learn more about Fair Food, click here.

Family Support Line - $40,000 grant in continued support of child sexual abuse prevention education programs for students, teachers and parents in the William Penn School District of Delaware County. To learn more about Family Support Line, click here.

Gearing Up – $10,000 of a two-year grant in support of its program to promote improved physical and emotional health of women in transition from drug and alcohol addiction, incarceration, domestic violence, and/or homelessness through bicycling. Gearing Up provides women with regular coaching, mentoring, and support to adapt healthy lifestyle changes, promote personal growth, and use biking for transportation and employment. To learn more about Gearing Up, click here.

Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger – $20,000 grant in support of the SNAP Outreach Campaign, which connects people with food assistance and nutrition education. The Campaign targets the 1st Congressional District of Philadelphia, designated as the poorest community in Pennsylvania and with the 4th highest rate of food insecurity in the country. To learn more about Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, click here.

Healthy NewsWorks - $20,000 grant in support of program expansion to schools and after-school sites in Norristown, and Philadelphia and Delaware Counties. Healthy NewsWorks engages elementary and middle school students and their teachers in current health issues through the creation of school newspapers that promote health and literacy. To learn more about Healthy NewsWorks, click here.

Institute for Safe Families - $30,000 grant in support of the expansion of its Pediatric Champions Project, which improves the awareness and ability of pediatric clinical teams to implement a practice of screening for domestic violence as an active form of child abuse prevention. The project will be expanded to serve eight Philadelphia Department of Public Health pediatric clinics. To learn more about Institute for Safe Families, click here.

Intercultural Family Services – $40,000 grant in continued support of the school-based component of its functional family therapy program at Vare Middle School and other schools in South Philadelphia. Functional Family Therapy is an evidence-based family intervention focused on keeping at risk youth ages 10-18 out of the juvenile justice system. To learn more about Intercultural Family Services, click here.

Kids Smiles – $40,000 grant in continued general operating support of its provision of high quality dental care for low-income children in its Southwest and West Philadelphia clinics. To learn more about Kids Smiles, click here.

Legal Clinic for the Disabled – $20,000 grant in support of a new paralegal staff person who will work with the Medical Legal Partnership team at St. Christopher’s Hospital in North Philadelphia. The Medical Legal Partnership is a collaborative model of free, high quality legal representation to low-income people with physical disabilities to overcome obstacles that would affect their independence, health and quality of life. The Partnership consists of healthcare facility staff, attorneys and paralegals who integrate legal assistance into the medical setting as a component of patient care. To learn more about Legal Clinic for the Disabled, click here.

Maternal and Child Health Consortium – $25,000 grant in support of its Healthy Start Program in Chester County. The program provides prenatal and post-partum home visits by bilingual outreach workers offering health education, depression screening, and support and linkages to community resources for low-income women and children. To learn more about Maternal and Child Health Consortium, click here.

Mission Kids – $40,000 of a two-year grant in continued support of its case coordinators who coordinate the multidisciplinary team response to allegations of child abuse in Montgomery County. To learn more about Mission Kids, click here.

Phoenixville Healthcare Access Foundation – $25,000 grant in support of the expansion of its Dental Program, which supports preventive dental care for un-and underinsured children and adults in the Phoenixville area. The Foundation was established a decade ago to assist Phoenixville area residents with access to vision, dental and orthopedic care and prescription drugs. To learn more about Phoenixville Healthcare Access Foundation, click here.

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania – $30,000 grant in continued support of the growth and development of the Promotores de Salud, Latino community health workers in Norristown. The Promotores are specially trained as community leaders to improve the reproductive and sexual health knowledge of Latinos in Norristown and to improve access to services by the growing Latino population. To learn more about Planned Parenthood, click here.

Public Citizens for Child and Youth – $10,000 grant as matching support for a Pew Charitable Trusts grant to identify and address barriers to student and family access to behavioral health services in Philadelphia. To learn more about PCCY, click here.

Public Citizens for Child and Youth – $35,000 grant in support of Give Kids Sight Day 2012 at Wills Eye Institute. This coordinated effort of PCCY, Wills Eye Institute, Eagles Youth Partnership, Saint Christopher’s Hospital, CHOICE, the School District of Philadelphia, Jefferson University, the Health Federation of Philadelphia and others provides free vision screening, physician and technical services, and free eyeglasses to thousands of children and youth in Philadelphia. To learn more about Give Kids Sight Day, click here.

Puentes de Salud – $40,125 of a three-year grant in support of the development of an integrated behavioral health and primary care program, which embeds a behavioral health professional into the primary care team that includes physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses at its health clinic in South Philadelphia. The clinic provides free primary and preventive care, and health education and outreach by volunteer practitioners in the Latino community of South Philadelphia. To learn more about Puentes de Salud, click here.

Sayre Health Center – $30,000 grant in support of its Fitness Leadership at Sayre Health (FLASH) Program, which promotes healthier lifestyles through the development of youth and adult community leadership cohorts who act as teachers and learners. To learn more about Sayre Health Center, click here.

Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse – $5,000 grant in continued support of the Play for All Program to improve the physical play experience of low-income families by broadening the array of organizational partners to include shelters, public schools, civic associations, food banks and social service agencies in North Philadelphia. To learn more about Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, click here.

St. Catherine Labouré Medical Clinic – $40,000 for the second year of a two-year grant in support of its provision of primary care services through the addition of part-time nurses to the increasing number of uninsured individuals in Philadelphia that seek care at the clinic. The clinic also provides below cost laboratory services, free medications, health education including nutrition and diabetes counseling, and social support and counseling services to its patients. To learn more about St. Catherine Labouré Medical Clinic, click here.

Sunday Suppers – $45,000 grant in support of the enhancement and expansion of the family meal program in the Norris Square community of the 1st Congressional District through a program liaison who provides a critical link between the program and the community, referral organizations, the host site and participating families. Sunday Suppers supports families in making lasting behavior change in the way they purchase, prepare and share healthy food—the organizing vehicle for making this happen is the family meal. To learn more about Sunday Suppers, click here.

Support Center for Child Advocates – $40,000 for the second year of a two-year grant in general operating support of its legal assistance and social service advocacy for abused and neglected children in Philadelphia County. Volunteer attorneys and paralegals provide free legal services to help improve the health and well-being of medically needy children in Philadelphia who are subject to protective proceedings in Family Court. To learn more about the Support Center for Child Advocates, click here.

Supportive Older Women’s Network – $55,000 grant in support of the Wellness Center without Walls, a pilot peer health and wellness program in West Philadelphia in which older adult volunteers act as health advocates and navigators for their peers. To learn more about Supportive Older Women’s Network, click here.

Visiting Nurse Association Community Services - $50,000 grant in support of its Personal Navigator Project and the provision of health care and social services to children and their families at its Children’s Health Centers in Abington and Norristown. To learn more about the VNA Community Services, click here.

Women Against Abuse – $40,000 grant in continued support of behavioral health services at its emergency shelter and transitional housing facility using trauma-informed interventions for victims of domestic violence. To learn more about Women Against Abuse, click here.

Youth Service Inc. - $15,000 grant in support of its medical clinic for homeless and runaway youth in collaboration with the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Jefferson University Hospital. YSI has provided immediate shelter and support services to children and families for nearly 60 years, operating the only Crisis Nursery Program in Philadelphia and the area’s largest teen shelter for homeless and runaway youth. To learn more about Youth Service, click here.

Pennsylvania Hospital Program Grants

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology – $60,000 for the second year of a two-year grant in continued support of the Latinas Health Services Program, which provides diagnostic clinical screenings and prenatal care to Latina women who are uninsured and ineligible to receive Medicaid benefits. The program is a collaborative effort between Pennsylvania Hospital, Women and Children’s Health Services and the Puentes de Salud clinic in South Philadelphia. To learn more about the program, click here.

Hall Mercer Mental Health Center – $40,000 for the second year of a two-year grant in support of the Penn Center for Youth and Family Trauma Response and Recovery at Hall Mercer. The Center offers treatments for children, adolescents and their families who are suffering from symptoms of traumatic stress and other difficulties after exposure to violence, crime and abuse. To learn more about the Center, click here.

J. Edwin Wood Clinic – $50,500 of a two-year grant to support a new full-time patient navigator who will assist patients at the Clinic with adherence to medical treatment and preventative care.

Section of Neonatology – $59,600 grant in support of the assessment and detection of developmental abnormalities in high risk preterm infants born at Pennsylvania Hospital, and the development of treatments to alleviate or eliminate the developmental abnormalities. To learn more about neonatology services at Pennsylvania Hospital, click here.

Pennsylvania Hospital Historic Preservation Grants

Save the Pine Building – $100,000 for the third year of a three-year grant to preserve the nation’s original and first hospital structure. To learn more about the history of Pennsylvania Hospital, click here.

Historic Collections – $63,494.81 for the third year of a three-year grant for the Hospital’s full-time archivist to arrange, describe and preserve the artifacts and memorials of the Hospital; to conserve rare books; to monitor the physical status/location of fine art and furniture; to provide tours of the historic Pine Building; and to coordinate and host exhibits and conferences highlighting the Hospital’s history. To learn more about the history of Pennsylvania Hospital, click here.

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