Past Grantees: 2014

2014 Grant Awards

In December 2014, the First Hospital Foundation awarded nearly $1.3 million in grants to 46 nonprofit agencies serving residents in the Philadelphia region.

Grants to the Community

Anti-Violence Partnership - $25,000 grant in continued support of a bilingual counselor to provide counseling and outreach to Spanish-speaking victims of violence in Philadelphia.  To learn more, click here.

Attic Youth Center - $30,000 grant in continued support of mental health counseling services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth of the Philadelphia region at its multi-service youth agency.  To learn more, click here.

Benefits Data Trust- $30,000 grant in continued support of the PA Benefits Center, which assists elderly, low-income individuals access public benefits they are eligible to receive including PACE, SNAP, PTRR and LIHEAP.  To learn more, click here.

Bethesda Project - $10,000 general operating support grant for their emergency shelter, housing and supportive services for chronically homeless and formerly homeless men and women. Bethesda operates out of 14 sites throughout the Philadelphia area. To learn more, click here.­­­­

Brandywine Health Foundation - $15,000 to support the implementation of the Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) curriculum in the Coatesville Area School District. This training is designed to equip school teachers, staff, and community members with the knowledge needed to effectively identify and intervene when students – and others in the community – present with behavioral health symptoms. To learn more, click here.

Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia - $30,000 grant in support of a partnership with Temple University Hospital to provide free psychosocial cancer support services for North Philadelphia Families. To learn more, click here.

Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE) - $25,000 grant in continued support of the CARIE LINE, a free, intensive, one-on-one telephone consultation to older adults.  The CARIE LINE provides counseling, victim services, outreach and education related to health, health care, crime and violence, emergency home repairs, and referrals for health, legal and social services and victim advocacy.  To learn more, click here.

The Center for Autism - $25,000 general operating support grant to support their diverse services for persons with autism spectrum disorder.  Programs include: a full-day Pre-K program to improve communication, self-regulation, and social interaction; the half-day First Friends program to improve socialization for children up to 6 years old; the Social Competency after school program for youth ages 5-17; the Outpatient Program to provide individual and family therapy for all ages; and the Saturday Program that teaches teens and young adults independent life skills. To learn more, click here.

Center for Hunger-Free Communities at Drexel University - $46,156 grant in continued support of its demonstration project with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, which integrates the Sanctuary Model SELF peer support group program into the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to help women break the cycle of poverty and improve maternal and child health.  To learn more, click here.

ChesPenn Health Services - $40,000 grant in support of expanding integrated behavioral health consultation services instituted at its Coatesville health center to their 3 additional ChesPenn health center locations.  ChesPenn provides medical and dental services to residents of the City of Chester and Upper Darby in Delaware County, and of Coatesville and surrounding communities in Chester County.  To learn more, click here.

Children’s Crisis Treatment Center- $30,000 grant in continued support of expanding its trauma-focused behavioral health services into Montgomery County through collaborations with the Montgomery County Behavioral Health Department and Mission Kids, the accredited child advocacy center in the county.  To learn more, click here.

Community Volunteers in Medicine- $30,000 grant in continued support of the diabetes case management program, which provides bilingual diabetes counseling, patient care plans, coordination of medical and dental care, medication management and nutrition education.  To learn more, click here.

Daemion Counseling Center - $5,000 grant in support of the Student and Family Empowerment Program, which provides free mental health services to low-income adolescents in Chester County. To learn more, click here.

Eagles Charitable Foundation, Inc. - $14,000 grant in support of Give Kids Sight Day, which provides free vision screening, comprehensive eye exams, and if their vision can be corrected, two free pair of glasses. To learn more, click here.

Eagles Youth Partnership - $35,000 grant in support of the Eagle Eyes Mobile Program, which provides free vision screenings across 30 School District of Philadelphia elementary schools. To learn more, click here.

Family Support Line - $30,000 for the first year of a two-year grant in support of the creation of Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center, a child-focused, facility-based program that coordinates investigative and support services, to help child victims and their families navigate the legal system and other resources available to them while ensuring that children disclosing abuse are not further victimized by the systems designed to protect them. To learn more, click here

Garces Family Foundation - $20,000 grant in continued support of the community health program, which provides free health and dental screenings and reduced cost preventative and restorative dental care to low-income Philadelphia residents, particularly adult Mexican immigrants in South Philadelphia. To learn more, click here.

Gearing Up- $10,000 grant in continued support of the Women in Transition Bicycling program, which provides women in transition from abuse, addiction and/or incarceration with the skills and support to adopt healthy lifestyle changes, promote personal growth and use bicycling for transportation through regular coaching and mentoring.  To learn more, click here.

Health Care Access - $25,000 grant in continued support of the Dental Program, which supports preventive dental care for un- and underinsured children and adults in the Phoenixville area.  HCA assists Phoenixville area residents who have inadequate access to medical care with vision, dental and orthopedic care, mammograms and prescription assistance.  To learn more, click here.

HealthLink Medical Center - $20,000 general operating support grant to support the expansion of the on-site dental program, which provides comprehensive dental services to low-income residents of Bucks and Montgomery County who are ineligible for Medicaid. To learn more, click here.

Healthy NewsWorks - $20,000 for the first year of a two-year general operating support grant in continued support of the expansion of its school-based newspaper program into new schools and the creation of workshops and materials to support replication.  Healthy NewsWorks engages elementary and middle school students and their teachers in current health issues through the creation of school newspapers, books and other media that promote health and literacy.  To learn more about Healthy NewsWorks, click here.

Keystone Care – $25,000 general operating support grant in support of Keystone Care’s hospice care and home health programs for ailing and terminally ill men, women and children, many of whom do not have available caregivers and have neither insurance nor personal means to afford services.  To learn more about Keystone Care, click here.

Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania - $20,000 grant in support of Steps to Security, a program to stabilize and improve the lives of low-income families with children who face domestic abuse and/or problems accessing important benefit and entitlement programs. LASP helps families appeal when public benefits are inappropriately denied, stopped or reduced, and represents domestic violence victims who are seeking Protection from Abuse orders. To learn more, click here.

Legal Clinic for the Disabled - $30,000 grant in continued support of the Medical Legal Partnership program, which is a collaboration of health care staff, social workers, attorneys and paralegals who integrate legal assistance into the medical setting as a component of patient care.  Principle services address child custody and support, protections from abuse, housing, benefit eligibility, wills and discrimination. To learn more, click here.

Lutheran Children and Family Service of Eastern Pennsylvania - $20,000 grant in support of five bilingual case aides, who coordinate community programming and access to mental health services for refugees from Congo, Iraq, Burma, and Bhutan living in South and Northeast Philadelphia. To learn more, click here.

Maternal and Child Health Consortium - $25,000 general operating support grant in support of the Consortium’s prenatal and postpartum home visiting and support program, family benefits assistance program, and home visiting program serving low-income, mostly Hispanic families with children up to age five in southern Chester County. To learn more about Maternal and Child Health Consortium, click here.

Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance (MANNA) - $25,000 grant in support of comprehensive nutrition services for people in the Philadelphia area who are at acute nutritional risk due to life-threatening illness.  To learn more, click here.

Mission Kids - $40,000 grant in continued support of the case coordinator who manages the multidisciplinary team response to allegations of child abuse in Montgomery County.   Mission Kids provides a centralized location for collaborative team investigations of child sexual and physical abuse cases so that child victims are not subjected to multiple interviews, each traumatic in itself. To learn more, click here.

Nationalities Service Center - $30,000 for the first year of a two-year grant in support of free immigration legal services for immigrant victims of domestic violence and their children in the Greater Philadelphia area, provided in a culturally and linguistically specific manner. To learn more, click here.

NorthEast Treatment Services - $15,000 grant in support of Emergency Family Fund, which provides critical items to families receiving child welfare services who are struggling to meet their basic needs. To learn more, click here.

Philadelphia Legal Assistance Center, Inc. - $10,000 grant in support of the Medical Legal Community Partnership program, a collaboration of legal advocates and health and social service providers at Philadelphia’s City Health Center #3, which integrates legal assistance into the medical setting as a component of patient care. Primary services include benefit eligibility, housing, custody and support arrangements, and protection from abuse orders. To learn more, click here.

Salus University for The Eye Institute - $20,000 grant in support of vision screening, comprehensive eye care at Salus University’s clinical facilities, and eye glasses to underserved children in Philadelphia public schools. To learn more, click here.

St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children - $10,000 grant in support of the mobile dental clinic, which travels to schools and organizations to provide dental examinations and treatment for children in North Philadelphia. To learn more, click here.

Sunday Suppers - $30,000 for the first year of a two-year grant in continued support of the enhancement and expansion of the family meal program in Philadelphia. In partnership with Memphis Street Academy and People’s Emergency Center, Sunday Suppers provides healthy shared dinners, increased access to fresh local food, and other food related support to families making lasting behavior change in the way they purchase, prepare and share healthy food.  To learn more, click here.

Support Center for Child Advocates - $30,000 grant in support of coordinated social work and legal services for abused and neglected children in Philadelphia. Services include legal advice and representation, case management, adoption assistance, and courtroom volunteer advocates. To learn more, click here.

Urban Nutrition Initiative at University of Pennsylvania - $20,000 grant in continued support of the Urban Nutrition Internship Program, which involves high school students in year-round job training and skills development through urban gardens, youth-run farm stands and the teaching of families to prepare affordable, healthy meals in low-income Philadelphia neighborhoods. To learn more about the Urban Nutrition Program, click here.

Visiting Nurse Association – Community Services - $20,000 grant in support of primary health care services for at risk children who are uninsured, underinsured, or who receive insurance through Medical Assistance.  To learn more, click here.

Weavers Way Community Programs - $40,000 grant in support of the development and implementation of adult/family programming at Hope Garden, an educational farm at Stenton Family Manor, which is the city’s largest residential housing facility for homeless families. To learn more, click here.

Why Not Prosper - $4,000 grant in continued support of interactive group domestic violence programming for incarcerated women at Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia. Why Not Prosper provides women with pre-release mentoring at several Pennsylvania prisons, as well as post-release residential and community-based support services.  To learn more, click here.

Women’s Community Revitalization Project - $15,000 grant in support of case management support to low-income women and their families who reside in WCRP’s affordable rental developments. Services include crisis intervention, linkage and referral to relevant services, and job readiness support. To learn more, click here.

Women’s Medical Fund - $39,000 grant in support of Help Line, which provides telephone counseling, case work, emergency financial assistance, and provider linkage to women and girls who seek access to an abortion. To learn more, click here.

Women’s Therapy Center - $14,000 grant in support of free individual psychotherapy services for uninsured and underinsured women who cannot afford private therapy yet do not qualify for subsidized benefits. To learn more, click here.


Pennsylvania Hospital Program Grants

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - $96,700 grant in continued support of the Latina Community Health Services program, which provides diagnostic clinical screenings and prenatal care to Latina women who are uninsured and ineligible to receive Medicaid benefits. The program is a collaborative effort between Pennsylvania Hospital, Women and Children’s Health Services and the Puentes de Salud clinic in South Philadelphia. To learn more about the program, click here.

Diabetes Education Center - $34,318 grant in continued support of a certified health education specialist who provides diabetes prevention education and self-management training to patients at Pennsylvania Hospital’s Wood Clinic, Women and Children’s Health Services and Hall Mercer Community Behavioral Health Center.  To learn more about the Diabetes Education Center at Pennsylvania Hospital, click here.

Abramson Cancer Center - $10,000 grant in support of the Joan Karnell Supportive Care Program, which provides financial assistance to patients for needed services not covered by insurance, such as nutritional supplements, certain medical equipment, and transportation expenses. The goal of this program is to alleviate financial burdens that can otherwise cause patients to miss appointments, delay treatment, or receive sub-optimal care. To learn more about the Abramson Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital, click here.


Pennsylvania Hospital Historic Preservation: First Hospital Foundation’s Secondary Mission

Historic Preservation- $­98,498 grant in support of the preservation and restoration of the historic artifacts and memorials at Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation’s original and first hospital structure.  To learn more about the history of Pennsylvania Hospital, click here.


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