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First Hospital Foundation Awards Rapid-Response Grants to Nationalities Service Center and Pennsylvania Health Access Network

The First Hospital Foundation awarded two grants as part of its Rapid Response Grant program to Nationalities Service Center (NSC)  and Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN).

Nationalities Service Center (NSC) was awarded a $50,000 general operating support grant to maintain the provision of high-quality care and services to refugees and immigrants. NSC serves more than 5,000 refugees and immigrants each year from 111 countries around the world—from promoting health care access, including case management, screenings, medical appointments, insurance enrollment, and mental health supports—to addressing critical social determinants of health and wellbeing, including legal protection and job readiness training. A significant portion of NSC’s resources comes from per capita public funding linked to new refugee arrivals, even though NSC is committed to providing longer-term care and services to those in need. In the wake of the Trump Administration’s proposed reductions to refugee admissions, NSC’s public funding is at risk. Providing flexible philanthropic resources will allow NSC to continue to serve individuals and families who are already here while strengthening the organization’s capacity to diversify its funding base and prepare for the future.

Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) was awarded a $65,000 grant to build its dedicated consumer engagement and communications capacity. PHAN is working to make Pennsylvania’s health care system more accessible and affordable for all residents. PHAN trains, educates, and mobilizes community members, advocates, and organizations across the state on health policy and equity issues, including providing technical assistance to health insurance enrollment groups.  In recent months, PHAN has leveraged its deep place-based relationships to quickly educate its constituents on proposed changes to Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. At the same time, they are working to ensure that a shorter open enrollment period and reduced resources for Navigation assistance does not undermine participation in Pennsylvania’s individual Marketplace. PHAN is also supporting consumer voice on a variety of pending state-level changes, including the upcoming transition in long-term care and supports through Community HealthChoices. Investing in PHAN’s capacity to engage and communicate with consumers and diverse stakeholders is essential to sustaining and improving coverage for Philadelphia’s 652,784 Medicaid enrollees and 166,974 Marketplace enrollees.

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